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ReddCity Music Group may be from the bottom of the map, but they are right on top of their game. The firm is engaged in finding the most dynamic, aggressive, influential and potent talent with a number one hit to introduce to the billboards. With the music industry looking uncertain, an artist needs a tenacious and progressive team helping with his or her career. Social networking alone won’t catapult an artist to stardom. An artist needs to have an intense and bold mainframe alongside an energetic marketing unit to break into the industry and make a name for themselves. In trying to provide their artist with the best of the best, ReddCity Music Group has a fully functional recording studio with all the new essential tools needed to record a number one hit.

In ReddCity you will find Miami’s newest stars headed by JC 'Fentz' Louis and brothers Jimmie and James. These business partners have envisioned the music industry ten years from now and created ReddCity Music Group in order to bring new flavor in innovative opportunities and providing deep expertise across a range of creative services. The firm from its inception has had two missions: to give their clients longevity in a changing economy and to sculpt the careers of the artist. Together, JC, Jimmie and James take their artists from an urban sphere to pop by linking them with major marketing, PR and advertising campaigns.

ReddCity Music Group lays down an adaptive strategy configured to meet your short term and long term goals. By using state of the art marketing formulas, extensive research and analytics, and advanced product placement, ReddCity Music Group integrates an artist at the appropriate speed and at the precise time. The results are immaculate. In the dynamic landscape of the music and entertainment business, fan interaction is integral to an artist's continuous relevance and success. An artist does not have the time to procrastinate with the business becoming more international by the second. That is the reason we create agendas for our clients that effectively give them the time to create and produce new music, while we take care of the tedious work. ReddCity Music Group is the force that will get you a platinum record deal. Let us plan your next concert, the release of your next gold record, and the signing of your record deal. Our mission is to get you to the top with saavy press releases to radio stations nationwide, promotion campaigns that reach the suitable audience and every other professional strategy, new and old. As a collaborative partner, we will utilize our unique perspective, industry experience, and strategic knowledge to exceed your expectations.

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